What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin also known as the King of Crypto Currency because it was the first, is a store of value that can be transmitted anywhere the internet is available instantly. The Bitcoin White Paper was written with gold as the model for bitcoin. With a limited supply that requires real work to obtain, we can see the intrinsic value naturally increase as a function of time and fiat currency. As such this is not a two-dimensional equation and quickly we can get caught up in the physics of money. CPU cycles require valuable energy to run. Usually this energy comes from the electrical outlet found in your home or office. This energy has real world costs and finite supply. Just try plugging in too many appliances to your circuit, and we all know what happens. In addition, all of us also know the value of turning off a light when it’s not in use. These simple physical concepts are what give bitcoin its value. We encourage you to read the bitcoin white paper, and provoke your thinker to think different.